Friday, September 20, 2013

Alfresco 4.2 New Features

Alfresco 4.2 have lot many new and enhanced features. I tried this new version in my local env and I have listed this features.
Alfresco theme has been changed which is very light and sleek.

Alfresco Share NEW UI

New Header
  • Header theme has been changed to for better visualization 

My Files
  • New link is added - My Files for users personal documents
  • In BackEnd - Alfresco explorer - It saves contents to User's Home Folder .

Shared Files
  • New link Shared Files has been added.
  • In Share Repository view, new folder has been added - Shared under Company Home
  • This is default folder for all users to add/share contents which can help to hide system Folders like Sites, Data Dictionary etc...
  • Repository link is as it is which shows all folders under Company Home

Site Interface
  • Site UI has been changed, again new look and for better visualization.
  • Site Page header has been removed. Site customization header and Page headers are combined in single toolbar
  • You can navigate to recently accessed sites from Sites menu

  • In Document Library many new views has been introduced like Filmstrip, Table view etc..

Admin Console
  • Admin console has been divided in two part 
  • Share Admin Tool
    • This includes
      • Tools - Application, Category Manager, Node Browser etc..
      • File Management -Trashcan
      • Content Publishing - Channel Manager
      • Repository - Replication Jobs
      • Users and Groups - Groups, Users

  • Repository Administration Console
    • It runs independently of alfresco app so there is no direct link is available from Share or Explorer UI
    • Need to use this URL to launch this Repository admin console - http://<host-name>:<port>/alfresco/service/enterprise/admin/admin-directorymanagement 
    • This includes 
      • System Summary 
      • Email Services 
      • General- License, Repository Information etc.. 
      • Repository Services -Activities Feed, Repository Server Clustering, Process Engines, Replication Service, Search Service etc.. In this new enhanced Repository Server Clustering is added. 
      • Support Tools -Download JMX Dump 
      • Directories - Directory Management 
      • Virtual File Systems - File Servers, IMAP Service

User Trashcan
  • User trashcan is added in User profile page
  • User can recover/purge deleted items from own trash

Site level activity feed
  • User can control activity feed at individual site level

Download as Zip
  • New action is added to download multiple files together as zip
  • You can select multiple files then from menu select - Download s zip action which will create a zip file
  • You can also download entire folders as a Zip bundle
Google Docs Integration
  • Google docs integration is really improved.
  • You can create doc, xls or PPT file in just one click; you can edit/update your content and can save back to Alfresco
  • Here is Jeff Potts blog for detailed features video -
New Search Dashlets

Site Search
  • It allows you to search contents from your sites if you have added in your personal dashboard OR specific to site if its added on Site dashboard

Saved Search
  • It allows you to save your search term.
  • You need to configure your search term from dashlet configurations
  • So this dashlet will list all contents related to your search term

You may try new version. It has really good user experience!

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  1. Nice post!
    Have a look a the extension amp for the support tools, it adds some interesting features to the new admin console: